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What Do Lizards Eat

Lizards are reptiles that live in every continent in the world, excluding Antarctica. Lizards have four legs and external ears, which distinguishes them from snakes. This post will answer the question ‘what do lizards eat’ and then look at some interesting facts about lizards.

What Do Lizards Eat?

There are over 5,000 species of lizards, and they all eat different things. Some lizards eat insects, bugs and spiders. Others are vegetarian and will only eat plant material, fruit or vegetables (apples are a favorite for some lizards). Some species of lizards eat other lizards! If you are getting a lizard as a pet make sure you ask what type of food your particular lizard eats. Every species of lizard eats different things!

Interesting Facts About Lizards

  • Lizards usually live on the ground or in trees.
  • Some lizards can swim!
  • Lizards have very good eyesight and are very good at distinguishing between colors. Lizards can even see ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • Lizards are mainly eaten by birds, snakes and other lizards.
  • Most lizards have dry and scaly skin.
  • Most lizards have very weak tails that break off with the slightest bump. This helps confuse animals that are trying to catch them.
  • Some lizards can grow new tails when they lose them, but other can’t!

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  1. lizards eat these worms that you find under your deck and green caterpillars. Spiders are good to and christmas beetles as well. I have a lizard who layed three eggs and they all hatched.

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