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What do Mice Eat

Mice are small mammals from the rodent family. They are well known because many species of mice are house pests and can spread disease. The eradication of these pests is a multimillion dollar industry. However, many people keep mice as pets and they are considered to be a safe and playful pet for children. Whether, you want to get rid of mice or learn more about keeping them as pets, it is useful to find out what they like to eat.

What do mice eat?
Mice are usually vegetarian and are known scavengers. They will eat anything that they can find and will often enter a house with the sole purpose of finding food. In the wild they eat grain, fruit and other plant matter. In urban areas they are known for eating almost any type of food scraps that are available to them.

What do baby mice eat?
Baby mice drink milk from the mother mouse until they are old enough to eat solid foods. If you find an orphan mouse it can be fed a special kitten milk formula until you can get advice from your local veterinarian.

What to feed pet mice?
Pet mice are usually fed a special pellet food that is designed for their specific nutritional requirements. They should also be fed lots of different vegetables to help balance their diet.

Best bait for a mouse trap?
Most people use cheese when they are trying to catch a mouse. However, one of the best baits for a mouse trap is actually peanut better.

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