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What do Mongoose Eat

A mongoose is a small carnivorous mammal that can be found in southern Asia, Africa, and southern Europe. The mongoose can also be found in some Caribbean and Hawaiian islands where they have been introduced. There are more than thirty species of mongoose and they range in size from 1ft to 4 ft (0.30–1.2 m). Some mongooses live in groups while others prefer to live by themselves. They have long bodies and faces with small round ears and long tails.

What Do Mongoose Eat
The Mongoose has a varied diet and eats a variety of different things. They are able to eat insects, crabs, earthworms, lizards, snakes, chickens and rodents such as mice and rats. They will also eat eggs and carrion if the opportunity presents itself. A specific species of mongoose, the Indian Mongoose, is able to eat venomous snakes. They are adapted to doing this as they are cunning, quick, have a thick coat and have a natural immunity to snake venom. This is due to their mutated acetylcholine receptors. They can kill a snake, however, they do no usually eat their kill.

What to Feed Your Pet Mongoose
Mongooses that are kept as pets tend to be fed rodents and are kept to keep the rodent population down. They will also eat fruits and vegetables. They can be fed eggs, chicken meat, small birds and animals such as lizards, rats, frogs, worms and insects. They tend to cause more of a problem for the environment and as such are illegal to be imported into countries such as Australia and the United States.

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