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What do monkeys eat

There are many different species of monkeys. In fact there are 264 known species at last count that make up the entire population of monkeys around the world. Apes are not included in this list because they are classified as a different animal. You might be wondering what the diet of a typical money is like? This article will answer that question and take a look at some other interesting facts about monkeys.

What do monkeys eat?
Many people think that most monkeys eat bananas and you may have even seen monkeys in captivity eating bananas, but their diet is more diverse that that. They are commonly known to eat many different types of fruit and vegetables that are native to their habitat. They will also feed on bugs and insects at times.

Interesting facts about monkeys

  • In certain parts of Asia and Africa monkey brains are eaten as a delicacy – yuck!
  • Certain species of monkeys can be trained to help people that have severe injuries. They are trained to microwave food, help wash the patient and open drinks!
  • Sadly, monkeys are still used to perform animal testing in laboratories (over 10000 monkeys were used in Europe for testing in 2003).
  • Monkeys have also been sent into space. The first monkey in space was Albert II who was launched into space in 1949.

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