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What do Newts Eat

Newts are an water dwelling (aquatic) amphibian that closely resemble a lizard. Despite this, they are a part of the salamander family and are not actually closely related to lizards at all. They can be semi aquatic or live permanently in the water. Newts are found in parts of North America, Europe and Asia. There are a number of species of newts and the diet varies between these species. However, there are some common foods that most species will eat. Newts also make great pets and are often kept in captivity. Let’s take a closer look at what newts eat in the wild and what pet newts should be fed.

What do newts eat in the wild?
A newtMost species of newts eat a variety of food and are capable of changing their diet to suit available food sources. They will prey on insects, worms, molluscs and crustaceans. Many species will also eat frog eggs, tadpoles and even small frogs. Other favorite foods include fish eggs and small/immature fish, young amphibians and some species are even cannibalistic (they eat other newts!). Land dwelling newts eat similar foods, but also eat land dwelling insects like ants. Smaller species are known for feeding on plankton and other sources of smaller prey such as insect larvae.

Pet newts
The best food sources for your newt depend on the species (and some can be very picky eaters). An aquatic newt will be quite happy with dead insects, reptile pellets/sticks, frozen fish, brine shrimp and even fish food. Larger aquatic news can be fed live feeder fish. However, a land newt will be far happier with live insects or worms. These newts usually prefer live food, but can sometimes be trained to accept dead foods. Mealworms are also a good choice, but these do not provide all of the nutrition that a newt needs. Many owners accept the challenge of cultivating live worms for their semi-aquatic newt! See the video for newts feeding on worms:

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