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What do Opossums Eat

Opossums are a group of marsupials found in parts of North America. There are more than 100 species of Opossums and most species are about the size of a cat. They don’t live for very long (1-4 years is common) and are often killed by cars and larger species of animals. Let’s take a look at what these interesting animals eat.

What do Opossums Eat
Opossums are omnivores (plant and meat eaters) that feed primarily on dead animal carcass. Interestingly, many opossums are killed by cars while scavenging for roadkill. They will also eat insects, birds, frogs, fish, rodents, slugs, earthworms, small mammals and even snakes. Although they prefer meat, they also eat many different forms of plant matter such as fruit, vegetables and some grasses. Opossums are a true scavenger and will eat almost anything when they cannot find their preferred food.

Did you know?
Opossums can carry the rabies virus, but they are far more resistant to the virus than many other animals (only about 1 in 800 animals are infected). However, all wild opossums should be treated carefully to avoid exposure to the virus.

We already know that opossums have an amazing immune system. But, did you know that many species are partially or totally immune to certain snake venom!

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