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What Do Parrots Eat

Parrots are birds that enjoy living in warm and tropical climates. Most parrots are predominately green and others are multi-colored. But what do parrots eat? This post will answer that question and then tell you some interesting facts about parrots.

What Do Parrots Eat?

The most important part of a parrots diet are seeds. Parrots must remove the seed coat before eating the seed as the coat is poisonous. Parrots also enjoy eating fruit, nectar, pollen and buds. Occasionally, parrots will eat insects and other small animals (such as snails). The Keas (a species of parrot that live in New Zealand) eat sheep carcases.

Interesting Facts About Parrots

  • Only 6 species of parrots make nests in trees. The others build nests on the ground or nest in tree hollows or cavities in cliffs or banks.
  • Parrots can imitate human speech and many other sounds.
  • Over 130 of the 350 species of parrots are endangered due to hunting, habitat loss and illegal trading of birds.
  • Parrots lay white eggs.
  • Most species of parrots spend a lot of time sitting or climbing in trees.
  • Some species of parrots are pests as they eat fruit and grain crops.

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