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What Do Pigs Eat

Pigs (also called hogs or swine) are animals that have small eyes, a small tail and have a snout for a nose. But what do pigs eat? This post will answer that question, and then look at some interesting facts about pigs.

What do Pigs Eat?

Pigs are omnivores, which means that they eat plants and animals. Pigs eat almost any kind of food, including dead insects, worms, trees, bark, garbage and even dead pigs. In the wild, they forage for their food. They mainly eat leaves, grass, roots, fruits and flowers. So now you know what pigs eat!

Facts About Pigs

  • Pigs do not have sweat glands, so they cool themselves by using water or mud. Mud protects the pigs from flies and other nasty parasites.
  • There are over 2 billion domestic pigs around the world!
  • The Asian pot-bellied pig is kept as a pet.
  • A typical litter of piglets contains 6-12 piglets (baby pigs).
  • Pigs have four toes on each foot. Only the two middle toes (which are larger than the others) are used for walking.
  • Domestic pigs are raised by farmers for their meat (pork) and for leather.
  • Some domestic pigs have escaped from farms and become feral. These pigs cause major damage to the environment as they eat many native plants and grasses.

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(15) Comments

  1. question – can i raise pigs on grassland without feeding much grain? am very interested to see they eat grass.

  2. I have 4 pigs and they like almost anything except banana peels, orange peels and onions. I heard that chunks of coal are an important part of their diet and am trying that also. So far they love it.

  3. Hi, I worked for a major grocery chain and all the old bread from the bakery department was put in a big compactor. Sort of like a garbage truck but got no wheels. I asked the guy who picks it up every two weeks what they do with it and he said that it is mixed with other food waste like vegetables and milk and given to the pig farmers for pig food. Also all the old scrap meat from the meat department that is rotten and reeks really bad is made into soap and cosmetics…………..lol……..Also when I was young I asked the truck driver that takes all the grease from McDonalds what they do with it and he said they make soap and other stuff…………100% true….no joke!

  4. I am an agricultural education teacher and heavily involved in animal production. Pigs CANNOT eat other animal parts or byproducts. They will, as they are omnivores, but it is unhealthy and also does not pass the pork quality assurance requirements and codes that the USDA and FDA strictly enforce for slaughter animals. Pigs should only be fed feed specifically labeled for swine, and even more specifically labeled for their age. There are different feeds available for piglets, sows, boars, farrowing sows, ect.

    Many farmers do feed their pigs “slop” but in reality pigs should only be eating pig feeds and the occasional addition of vegetables and fruit.

    I hope you find this information helpful. If you are still interested in obtaining facts about swine and or the pork industry, please contact your local 4H or FFA program and the Pork Alliance.

  5. I understand the importance of cleanliness and safety. But think of all the millions of hogs that do not live in the USA and what do they eat? They seam to make it ok without the USDA and other regulatory agencies. Please, Common sense, love and kindness to your animals and family and friends will raise good animals. Listen to the advice of old timers. Govt agents just want to feel needed when they know what everyone else knows. They are the parasites of our society.

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