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What Do Sea Lions Eat

Sea lions are very popular attractions at zoos and aquariums all around the world. But what do sea lions eat? This post will answer that question and also tell you a few interesting facts about sea lions.

What Do Sea Lions Eat

Sea lions are carnivores. This means that they eat other animals. Sea lions mainly eat fish. The type of fish varies on where the sea lion lives. Some species of fish eaten by sea lions include salmon, pollock, herring, flounder, anchovies, rockfish, Pacific cod and capelin. Sea lions also eat squid and octopus. Sea lions can eat between 5-8% of their body weight in a day. This is about 15-35lb (7-16kg) of food each day!

Interesting Facts About Sea Lions

  • Sea lions don’t drink much sea water as they get most of their water from eating fish.
  • Sea lions live to about 20 years of age. Female sea lions live longer than the males.
  • Male sea lions fast (don’t eat) during breeding season.
  • Sea lions have been known to attack humans. A sea lion attacked a 13 year old in Australia in 2007. Thankfully, she was rescued before the sea lion came in to attack her for a second time.
  • Sea lions are not found in the Atlantic Ocean.

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