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What do Slugs Eat

Slug is the name given to any member of the gastropod family that do not have a shell, have a tiny shell, or have an internal shell. Other members of the gastropod family that have larger shells are known as snails. Slugs are found almost everywhere on Earth and there are species that can live on land, at sea and in freshwater. They are commonly long, slimy creatures with two pairs of retractable feelers/tentacles on their heads. They have a single foot which allows the slug to move with muscular contractions. Slugs are well known for the sticky trail that they leave behind. This serves many purposes, including preventing the slug from slipping, finding a mate and for hunting other slugs (in some cases). Some species of slugs are also known to be agricultural pests and are killed with baits. This might give us a clue about the diet of a slug.

What do slugs eat?
Most species of slugs are known to feed on almost anything organic that they can find. This includes; plants, mushrooms and other fungi, animal carcasses, vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Some species are fungivores (feed primarily on fungi) and will eat slime molds or mushrooms. These species can be picky about the part of the fungi that they eat or even the developmental stage of the fungi. Some slugs are predators and will eat other slugs, snails and earthworms.

What do pet slugs eat?
Slugs can make very good pets for children, but feeding them can be challenging depending on the species of slug. If your slug is a general feeder then it will be quite easy to find food to keep it satisfied. A variety of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, and fruits is all that is required. If your slug is a fungivore, it is important to make sure you are able to provide it with the fungi that it requires.

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