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What do Tortoises Eat

Tortoises are reptiles that belong to the turtle family (in animal classification the order is called Testudines). Like other turtles, they have a shell for protection and are generally shy animals. They are different from other members in the turtle family because they are land dwelling reptiles that live away from the water. There are many different species of tortoises and some have been known to live for over 150 years. If you are wondering what tortoises eat, read on to discover the answer.

What do tortoises eat?
Most tortoises are herbivores (plant eaters) and grass, weeds, small bushes, flowers and certain types of fruit. There are a few omnivorous (plant and meat eaters) species of tortoises which have been known to eat worms, insects and sometimes feed on dead animal carcasses. They are slow moving, so they can only eat worms and insects that they are able to catch.

What to feed a pet tortoise?
In captivity most tortoises are fed on wild grass, leafy greens and certain types of flowers. The herbivorous species should not be fed too much protein. Food for other animals, such as dogs, should never be fed to tortoises. The dietary requirements of the tortoise can differ quite significantly between the various species. If you keep a pet tortoise it is important to seek professional advice on this matter.

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