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What Do Voles Eat

The vole is a small rodent that is often mistaken for a rat or a mouse. This confusion is not helped by the fact that they are often referred to as a meadow mouse or field mouse. The difference between the two is that voles have smaller eyes and ears and a shorter tail.There are about 150 species of voles and they can be found in many parts of the world. They create tunnels near the surface of the ground and are considered to be a pest in many areas due to the damage they cause to landscaping and plants. They do not often enter homes, but have been known to do so if they can smell food.

What do voles eat?
Voles have a diet similar to many other rodents. They are scavengers and will attempt to eat anything that they can find. However, their normal diet consists of green leafy vegetation, seeds, grain, tree bark and tree roots. Their diet constantly changes throughout the year depending on the availability of food. They are well known for eating anything, and everything, from a fruit a vegetable patch. They can eat more than their own body weight in one day!

What do baby voles eat?
Baby voles drink milk from their mother until they are old enough to begin eating solid food. An orphaned vole can be fed the same milk formula that is used for kittens. if you do rescue a baby vole it is important to take it to your local veterinarian for the best advice.

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