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What do Wolverines Eat

Wolverines are an aggressive mammal from the weasel family. They can be found throughout the very north of Asia, Europe and North America. An adult wolverine is about the same size as a medium sized dog. However, they are far more bulky and muscular than most species of dog. Let’s take a look at the diet of these unique animals.

What do wolverines eat?
Wolverines are far more ferocious and aggressive than their small size suggests. They are carnivores (meat eaters) that both hunt and scavenge for food. They are known for eating mammals of almost any sized including; squirrel, beaver, rabbit, mice, deer, sheep, moose, mink, foxes and many more. They commonly hunt animals that are injured or incapacitated. In winter and early spring they feed, almost entirely, on carcasses of animals that have died naturally or been hunted by another predator. At times when live prey or carcasses are hard to find they will include eggs, seeds, roots and berries into their diet.

Did you know?
A wolverine will defend their food from larger predators and they have been known to fight bears for food.

Wolverines are amazingly strong and have been known to take down large animals, like moose, that can weigh more than 700 kg (1550 lbs). That is an impressive feat by an animal that weighs a maximum of 31 kg (70 lb).

Wolverines are also known by many other names including glutton, skunk bear, carcajou and quickhatch, or gulon.

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