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What Do Worms Eat

Worms are animals that have long cylindrical bodies and no legs. But what do worms eat? This post will answer that question and also tell you a few interesting facts about worms.

What Do Worms Eat

Worms eat different things depending on where they live. Worms that live on the surface mainly eat dead grass and leaves that have fallen on the ground. The leaves have lots of fungi and bacteria on them that worms need to survive. Surface worms also eat food scraps (fruit and vegetables) that are thrown out by humans. Worms that live underground eat soil as it contains fungi and bacteria they need. Some worms live inside animals and humans. They feed off the food that the animal or human eats! These worms are called ‘parasitic worms’. Some worms even live in water and these eat bacteria and algae in the water.

Interesting Facts About Worms

  • The largest worm is the marine nemertean worm which grows up to 55m (180ft).
  • Worms live in almost every part of the world! They live on the land and in the water- both seawater and freshwater.
  • Baby worms are called wormlets.
  • Worms are considered decomposers as they break down dead plants and return their nutrients to the soil.

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