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What is a Violin Made out of

A violin is a popular string instrument that is played with a bow. The violin is also called a fiddle and someone who plays the instrument is known as a violinist or a fiddler. The instrument is used in a wide variety of musical styles and genres. The modern violin was invented in the early 16th century in Italy. It has undergone some changes since then, but the basic design remains the same. If you want to know what a violin is made from, keep reading to find the answer.

What is a violin made out of?
The top section of a violin is usually made from the soft spruce wood. A harder wood, usually maple, is used for most of the other areas such as the neck, sides (ribs) and back of the violin. The fingerboard and tuning pegs are usually made out of ebony, but can also be made with other types of wood that are painted black. The joints of the instrument are glued together with glue made from animal hide because it makes a thinner join than many other glue products. Once constructed the whole violin is varnished to produce a glossy finish.

Traditionally the strings of a violin were made out of sheep gut, which was commonly known as catgut. This is still used in some circumstances, but has been replaced by strands of steel or other synthetic materials. The bow is traditionally made from horsehair, but today it is common to find cheaper bows made from synthetic materials. The stick of the bow is made from brazilwood.

Watch the following video of a violin being made:

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