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What Is An Inanimate Object

There are many ways that objects and items in our world are classified. When objects are classified they are placed into a group based on similar characteristics. For example animals can be classified into a number of different groups such as mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Each group has a set of indicators that help us to determine which group an animal belongs in. For example, mammals are warm-blooded animals that give birth to live young and feed them with breast milk. This makes it easy to place both a dog and a whale in the mammal classification. Another way that we broadly classify objects is to use indicators to decide if an object is animate or inanimate.

What Is An Inanimate Object?
An inanimate object is any object that lacks life, movement or consciousness. In other words, inanimate objects are not alive. Another set of indicators that can be used to classify an object as inanimate include not living, changing or breathing. Some objects that can be placed in the inanimate category include everyday items such as desks, chairs, pencils, plates and cups. Inanimate natural objects include rocks, sticks and mountains. Some unusual objects that are placed in the inanimate category include plants and dead bodies. Plants are considered to be inanimate due to the fact that they can’t talk or communicate, which means they have no consciousness. The same can be said of a dead body. However, a dead body also meets a few of the other indicators of being inanimate such as lacking life, not moving, changing or breathing. It is also helpful to know that the word animate is only applied to animals and people, so if it is not a living animal or person then it is an inanimate object.

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