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What is Eggnog Made out of

Eggnog is a sweet beverage popular throughout North America, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Although it is most commonly consumed on its own it may also be added to other beverages, such as tea and coffee, as a flavoring. It is thought to have originated from England and the drink was brought to North America by the British where it became very popular. Today, it is still common for people to make their own eggnog, but commercially available eggnog is also extremely popular. Let’s take a look at the most common ingredients of this popular drink.

What is eggnog made of?
The recipe for eggnog has undergone a few changes since it was first invented and many people have their own “secret” recipe. Even commercial preparations of eggnog can have slightly different ingredients. The traditionally eggnog ingredients are commonly milk, sugar, raw eggs, and nutmeg. Other ingredients that are also used include cream, cinnamon and vanilla. Gelatin is also used in some commercial eggnog recipes as a cheap thickening agent.

Alcoholic eggnog also includes liquor, such as rum, brandy, whisky, vodka, Kahlúa, Bourbon, or a combination of these. Most commercial eggnog recipes are alcohol free and many people choose to add the alcohol to their eggnog when serving.

Did you know?
The term nog comes from the word noggin, which was an English term for a carved wooden mug that was used to serve alcoholic beverages.

Raw eggs are not usually used in commercial eggnog because of the dangers of consuming raw eggs. In fact, many commercial preparations contain no egg at all!

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