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What is Salami Made of

Salami is a type of sausage that is usually prepared with a strong seasoning. It is thought to have originated in Italy and it became popular throughout Europe because it can be stored at room temperature safely. Today, it is available throughout the world where it is eaten on its own or added to a variety of dishes, such as pizza. There are a number of different varieties of salami and many of these developed in certain countries and regions of Europe. This means that the recipe for salami can be varied, but the main ingredients of the product remain the same.

What is salami made out of?
The majority of salami consists of ground meat. In most cases this meat is pork, although beef, turkey, horse (where legal), venison, and even seafood is used in certain varieties. There may be many additional ingredients added to salami. The most common of these are salt, spices, garlic, minced fat, herbs, ground animal fats and vinegar. The casing is either a natural animal casing or an inedible cellulose casing that can be removed after manufacturing. Nitrites and/or nitrates are usually added to the mixture as a preservative and the casing may be coated with the penicillium mold to add flavor and protect against the growth of harmful bacteria. These preservatives, along with the salt, make the salami safe to consume raw.

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