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What is Sand Made up of

Sand is found in many places on Earth including beaches, deserts and even at the bottom of the sea. It consists of small particles that are transported by wind and water. The geological definition of sand is particles that range from 1?16 mm to 2mm. Anything smaller than this is referred to as silt or clay and anything larger is known as gravel. It has many uses including sandblasting and as an ingredient in concrete and glass. Let’s take a look at what the most common type of sand is made from.

What is sand made out of?
Generally speaking sand is made up of tiny grains of rock and mineral. The actual composition of sand is highly dependent on the location of the sand and geology of the general area. Sand can be made from a number of different rock and/or mineral. However, the most common component of sand is made from silica, also called silicon dioxide, which is mostly found in the form of quartz. The other components will depend on how the sand was formed and what the local rock is made of.

Sand is commonly formed from the weathering of granite. Granite is made up of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals. When it is exposed to water these components have different rates of decay, which causes the granite to crumble. Continued weathering of the crumbled granite creates the small particles that we know as sand.

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