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What is the Best Selling Christmas Song of All time

Christmas songs are songs written about and/or sung during Christmas. Many thousands of Christmas songs have been written over the years and there are literally hundreds of popular songs dedicated to this time of year. The oldest Christmas song is probably “Jesus refulsit omnium” (Jesus, Light of the Nations), which was written in 368 by Saint Hilary of Poitiers. However, Christmas songs didn’t become popular until many years later. While many old Christmas carols are still enjoyed during Christmas, there are also many modern Christmas songs that are extremely popular. Let’s find out which of these is the best selling Christmas song of all time.

Which Christmas song is the best selling of all time?
The best selling Christmas song is “White Christmas” written by Irving Berlin and performed by Bing Crosby (and many other artists). The Bing Crosby version is listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the best selling Holiday single of all time. It is reported that over 50 million copies have been sold worldwide since it was first released in 1942 and it remains a popular song today. It is also estimated that the number of copies sold increases to 100 million when albums are included. The single spent 11 weeks on the top of the Billboard charts and the rerelease a few years later also reached the number one spot for two years running. This makes “White Christmas” the only single to have reached number one on three separate occasions.

The best selling digital Christmas/Holiday single is “All I Want for Christmas is You” performed by Mariah Carey and first released in 1994. As of 2010 it had sold 1.7 million digital copies since recording began in 2003. Amazingly, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is the 10th best selling digital holiday single, more than 50 years after the release of the song!

Did you know?
Bing Crosby recorded the song with the John Scott Orchestra and the Ken Darby Singers in just 18 minutes! He didn’t think that “White Christmas” would be very popular and initially this proved to be true. However, as the holidays approached the single quickly climbed the charts.

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