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What is the Capital of Albania

The Republic of Albania is a European country that was formerly a communist state. But what is the capital of Albania? This post will tell you the answer to that very question.

What is the Capital of Albania?

The capital and largest city in Albania is Tirana. The city was founded in 1614 by Sulejman Pahsa, although the area the city now occupies has been populated for several thousand years. It became the Albania capital in 1920. The city has very hot, dry summers with cool and wet winters.

Tirana is the major industrial centre of Albania. There is much fertile land around Tirana and agricultural products are one of the major exports from the city. Overpopulation is a big problem in Tirana as there is a lack of running water and electricity. There is also a problem with air pollution mainly due to the high number of cars on the road. Many trees are being planted to try and make the air cleaner. Soccer (football) is a very popular sport in the capital city. Some of Tirana’s twin cities include Athens, Barcelona, Rome, Grand Rapids, Turin and Paris.

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