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What is the Capital of Algeria

The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is a North African country that has an emerging economy. But what is the capital of Algeria? This post will answer that question and tell you some information about the nation’s capital.

What is the Capital of Algeria

The capital, and largest, city of Algeria is Algiers. The present day city of Algiers was founded in 944 AD by Buluggin ibn Ziri. Sadly, terrorist groups have attacked the city on a number of occasions since 2002. United Nations and government buildings have been targeted by the terrorists. The city is also ranked as having the lowest quality of life of any nation’s capital city in the world.

Algiers has a mediterranean climate with warm summers and cool (and wet) winters. Four islands lay just off the coast of Algiers. Algiers gets its name from an Arabic word meaning ‘the islands’. These islands are now considered part of the mainland as they are connected to Algiers by roads (bridges). About 3% of Algiers’ population is made up of people born overseas. Most of these come from China, Vietnam and Mali. Some of the sister (or twin) cities of Algiers include Cairo, Barcelona, Washington D.C., Dubai, Rome and London.

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