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What is the Capital of Argentina

Argentina is one of the founding members of the United Nations. The nation is well known for its love of football (soccer). The national football team has won two FIFA World Cups. But what is the capital of Argentina? This post will answer that question and will tell you a bit about the capital city!

What is the Capital of Argentina?

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and is also the capital city of the country. The current city of Buenos Aires was founded on 2 February 1536 by Spanish explorer Pedro de Mendoza. The city was originally a ‘trade city’ with all its big business in trade. Spanish ships were often attacked by pirates when entering or leaving Buenos Aires. This made it expensive to transport to and from the city, especially as traders were charged taxes to use the port. Eventually, the port was declared an open port, making it free to come and go from the city.

Today, the city of Buenos Aires is football (soccer) mad! They have the highest number of professional and amateur football teams of any city in the world. The city has also been rejected as a host for the Summer Olympics on three separate occasions. It got closest in 1956 when it lost to Melbourne by a single vote. Many tourists now visit the city for its great climate, sporting events, cafes, museums and a fun night life.

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