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What is the Capital of Spain

Spain is a country located in the south west of Europe. It is bordered by France, Andorra, Portugal and the British territory of Gibraltar. The unified country of Spain was formed in the 15th century and it became a global empire and world superpower. Although it’s strength has dwindled somewhat since this time, the country still plays an important part in world events as a member of the United Nations, European Union and NATO. Spain has over 20 cities with a population that exceeds 200,000, let’s take a look at which one is the capital city.

What is the capital city of Spain?
The capital city of Spain in Madrid. The city is located in the center of the country and it is also the largest city in the country with a metropolitan population of about 6.5 million. This makes it the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the European Union. Madrid is considered to be an important city and it is a center of politics, education, entertainment, arts, fashion and science. It is also popular with tourists and is the one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is also the political center of the country and plays host to the government and the residence of the Spanish monarch.

Did you know?
The city of Madrid is located on the Manzanares river. The name of the city was derived from the Arabic word for the Manzanares river, Majr??, meaning source of water.

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