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What is the Function of the Cerebellum

The cerebellum is a region of the brain that is located at the bottom of the brain underneath the back of the cerebrum and behind the pons. The outer layer of the cerebellum is made up of tightly folded gray matter and underneath this is white matter. Within the white matter are four deep cerebellar nuclei. Continue reading to discover the function of this important part of the brain.

What is the function of the cerebellum?
Although not all of the functions of the cerebellum are known, scientists have been able to gain insight into the function by examining patients who have damage to this specific area. The main known function of the cerebellum is motor control. Although it doesn’t start movement in the body it is responsible for coordinating and timing the movement as well as making precision movement. Some experts also think that it is responsible for motor learning, which improves the accuracy and smoothness of movement. People suffering damage to the cerebellum have problems with the accuracy and control of their movements.

Some studies have shown that the cerebellum has many other important functions, although experts disagree on the findings. These studies show the cerebellum may be involved in higher cognitive functions such as; language, attention, mental imagery and regulating pleasure and fear.

Did you know?
When the cerebellum was first discovered it was thought to be separate from the brain. The function of the cerebellum wasn’t discovered until the 19th century.

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