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What Is The Function Of The Cytoplasm

The cytoplasm is the gel like substance found in the plasma membrane of all cells. The key elements of the cytoplasm are the cytosol (clear fluid), organelles (the specialized units within cells) and the many suspended small particles. These particles are suspended in the cysotol, which consists of water, salts, organic molecules and enzymes. Continue reading if you want to know what function the cytoplasm has in the cell.

What is the function of the cytoplasm?
The cytoplasm is an important part of the cell because it suspends and holds together the organelles, apart from the nucleus, of the cell. It also supports the cells structure and makes it possible for molecules to be transported throughout the cell. It is also the location where nutrients are absorbed and processed. Although the cytoplasm is not directly involved in the cell processes, many of the metabolic reactions and other cellular activities that occur inside a cell happen in this cytoplasm. It is also where many chemical substances are stored.

Did you know?
The inner portion of the cytoplasm is known as the endoplasm and the outer area is known as the ectoplasm (or cell cortex). The ectoplasm is responsible for the movement of the cell surface in all animal cells.

The name given for non-living substance that are present in the cytoplasm of a cell is cytoplasmic inclusion.

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