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What is the Function of the Testicles

The testicles are an important part of male physiology that function as part of the reproductive system and the endocrine system. They are located in the groin region of the male body and each male has two of similar size (although some genetic issues or injuries can lead to a reduction in number, size and/or shape). Testicles are contained within a sack called the scrotum which is an extension of the abdomen. Testicles consist of a tough outer membrane shell which cases and protects coiled tubes which are lined with germ cells. It is from these cells that sperm are produced. A tube known as the vas defenrens is the conduit for the sperm to travel from the testicles to the penis. As with all organs in the body the testicles have specific functions. This article will outline the specific functions of the testicles.

What is the function of the testicles?
The testicles have two primary functions. These are to produce sperm and to produce androgens. The production of sperm is necessary for the reproduction of the species. without both an ova and a sperm a human child cannot be created. When a male reaches puberty the germ cells that are present in the testicle tubes, called seminiferous tubules, begin to develop into sperm. The produced sperm is also stored in the testicles until it is ejaculated via the penis. This may occur during sexual intercourse or can be an involuntary physiological response.

The second function of the testicles is to produce androgens. Androgens are the name given to any natural or synthetic compound that is a steroid hormone. These hormones are responsible for the development and maintenance of male characteristics. The testicles primarily produce testosterone. This is the primary sex hormone in a male and is responsible for the development of the reproductive system, increase in muscle and bone mass and the growth of body hair. It is this hormone that is instrumental in developing a boy into a fully grown man.

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