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What is the Largest Christmas Stocking Ever Made

A Christmas stocking is a sock-shaped bag that is hung in the house on Christmas Eve in the hope that Santa will fill it with presents during the night. In general these stockings are quite small and are filled with smaller gifts, sometimes called stocking stuffers or fillers. The origin of this Christmas tradition is unknown, but most stories trace the origin point to Saint Nicholas and children hanging stockings awaiting gifts from Saint Nicholas (although there are claims the tradition dates back to pre-Christian Scandinavia). To begin with children used everyday socks for the purpose, but eventually special Christmas stockings became common. Although they are usually small, some very large Christmas stockings have been created over the years. Let’s find out which one was the largest ever made!

What is the largest Christmas stocking ever made?
The third largest Christmas stocking.
This is only the third largest stocking!

The largest Christmas stocking was made by the Italian volunteer emergency services organization Pubblica Assistenza Carrara e Sezioni in Carrara. It was created in Carrara (Tuscany) on January 5 2011 and measured an impressive 51 cm 35 cm (168 ft 5.5 in) long and 21 m 63 cm (70ft 11.6 in) in width (heel to toe). This supersize Christmas stocking was created as a fundraising effort for a charity that helps older people. To qualify for the Guinness World Records it had to be filled with presents. The volunteers achieved this by filling it with balloons containing sweets.

The second largest Christmas Stocking was created in London in December 2007. It was made for The Children’s Society and had 6,000 squares of red knitting. It was 32.56 m long and almost 15 m wide. It was filled with over 1000 presents and weighed the same as three adult reindeer!

The third largest Christmas stocking (pictured above) was made just 1 month prior to the second largest. It was created in Toronto and measured 27.46 m (90 ft 1 in) and 11.3 m (37 ft 1 in) wide. It was unveiled on the Guinness Book of World Record’s Day and was filled with gifts from volunteers which were donated to the Salvation Army.

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