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What is the Largest Flower in the World

The classification of the largest flower in the world is actually quite complex. For example, some plants have flowers that are considered to be very large, but they are actually made up of many smaller flowers. Let’s take a look at which true flower takes out the title of the largest flower on Earth.

What is the biggest flower in the world?
The biggest flower on Earth that fits the official definitions of a single flower grows on a species of plant called Rafflesia arnoldii. It can grow up to 1m (3 ft) in diameter and has been weighed at 11 kg (24lbs). This flower is not likely to be included in a flower arrangement, not just because of its enormous size, but because it has an odor similar to rotting flesh as it grows. It is for this reason that this flower is sometimes known as the “corpse flower.” The Rafflesia arnoldii is only found growing on the Tetrastigma vine, where it is a parasite. The flowers take about a year to bloom. It is only found in the rainforest of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The plant is currently listed as endangered and people are encouraged not to collect them.

The following of a video shows a Rafflesia arnoldii growing in the wild:

Did you know?
The Titan Arum (also known as a “corpse flower”) and the Talipot palm both have larger clusters of flowers than the Rafflesia arnoldii, but these not considered to be a single flower.

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