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What is the longest River in Europe

The European continent has many famous rivers that have been mentioned in song and story for centuries. Many people are familiar with European rivers such as the Danube, Thames and Rhine just to name a few. 14 rivers that cover the European continent are over 1000 kilometers (600 miles) long and another 5 rivers are over 900 kilometers (570 miles) in length. Many of these great rivers are interconnected and used for irrigation and travel.

The Longest River in Europe
The longest river in Europe originates in the hills northwest of Moscow, Russia. The Volga River flows for a total of 3,692 kilometers (2,294 miles) before emptying into the Caspian Sea. The Volga River is widely accepted as the national river of Russia and most of its 3,692 kilometers (2,294 miles) flows through the country. Many of the world’s largest reservoirs are found along the Volga River and there are many mentions of the river in Russian folklore and song.

Top Five Longest Rivers in Europe
The top five longest rivers in Europe are mention below. The list also includes the countries that they cross on their journeys.

  1. The Volga River, (Russia), 3,692 kilometers (2,294 miles)
  2. The Danube River, (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Yugoslavia and forms the border between Romania and Bulgaria), 2860 kilometers (1780 miles)
  3. The Ural River, (Russia and Kazakhstan), 2428 kilometers (1509 miles)
  4. The Dnieper River, (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), 2290 kilometers (1420 miles)
  5. The Don River, (Russia, Ukraine), 1950 kilometers (1210 miles)

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