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What Is The Longest Running TV Show

Although there were many developments in the history of television, the biggest step forward came in the 1920′s when Scottish Inventor John Logie Baird was the first to invent and demonstrate a working television broadcast. Although there were many experimental broadcasts soon after this time, television didn’t really take off until the end of World War II. At this time the television became more than a novelty and it wasn’t long before it was a prominent feature in almost every home. Have you ever wondered which television show has been running for the longest? Continue reading to find out.

What is the longest running television show?
Officially the longest running television show of all time is “Meet the Press,” which debuted on November 6, 1947 and is still being broadcast today. The show started life on the radio in 1945 as “American Mercury Presents: Meet the Press” and was a program to promote the magazine called American Mercury. The show had its name shortened and has aired on the NBC Television Network since its inception and over 4,900 episodes have been broadcast. The radio show continued, but under a different name.

“Meet the Press” is a political interview/talk show and the show has undergone many changes from the original format. It has hosted many important people, including U.S. Presidents. It was originally a 30 minute program, but was expanded to 60 minutes in 1992. Today the show is available as a podcast and is also simulcast on radio.

Did you know?
The first host of “Meet the Press” was Martha Rountree, who worked on the American Mercury magazine as the editor and on the “Meet the Press” radio show. She is the only woman to have hosted the program during its run. The longest serving host of the show was Tim Russert who hosted the show from 1991 until his death in 2008.

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