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What is the Most Venomous Animal in the World

A venomous animal is one which has a toxic venom as part of its attack system. Venomous animals use their venom to kill their prey before eating it. They deliver their venom in a variety of ways including, stinging, biting and injecting. Venomous animals do not use their venom to defend themselves as poisonous animals do. So what is the most venomous animal? Read on to find out.

The Most Venomous Of All Animals
The animal that takes the crown for being the most venomous is the box jellyfish. The box jellyfish has tiny nematocysts on their tentacles and when they come in contract with skin they suction on and inject powerful venom. The pain is excruciating and can continue to hurt long after the tentacle has been removed. These creatures are found in the ocean around Northern Australia and Asia. The box jellyfish needs to stun and kill its prey quickly so that it cannot swim away or injure the jellyfish. Its venom is so powerful that it can kill up to 60 full grown adults. The venom attacks the nervous system and in most cases causes severe shock. It can also cause heart failure. Despite the fact that there is an anti-venom, many who are seriously stung by a box jellyfish die before receiving it, due to the potency of the venom. Vinegar can save the life of a person stung by a box jellyfish. The acid in the vinegar deactivates the venom on the skin and makes the tentacles useless. It is important to remove any tentacles using a stick, and never touch them, or you might end up stung as well.

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