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What is the State Song of Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US. It is bordered by Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. But what is the state song of Texas? This post will answer that very question!

What is the State Song of Texas?

The state song of Texas is ‘Texas, Our Texas’. It was written by William Marsh in 1924. Marsh was born in England but moved to Texas at a young age. The song was selected as state song by a resolution of the Texas government in 1929 following a statewide competition to compose the state song! The first word of the third line was originally ‘largest’ as Texas was the largest state at that time. The word was replaced with ‘boldest’ in 1959 after Alaska, which is the largest state in the US, became a state.

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Watch Performances of Texas, Our Texas

Here are a couple of performances of the song on YouTube.

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