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What Should I Get my Dad for Christmas

Dad’s are always hard to buy presents for! This list will give you a few ideas on what you can get your father for Christmas this year!

What Should I Get my Dad for Christmas?

  • Many fathers like traditional presents for Christmas- socks, underwear and clothes.
  • An iPod (or other mp3 player) loaded with dad’s favorite music is a great gift idea.
  • Speaking of music, concert tickets make great gifts if one of dad’s favorite bands is coming to town.
  • Dad’s often like gifts that the whole family can enjoy- a new pet for example.
  • If your dad is into board games then you can buy him one for Christmas and then play it Christmas Day!
  • Some dad’s love making things with their hands. You can buy them model cars or boats to put together.
  • If you’ve got the money- upgrading dad to the latest technology (TV’s, Blu-Ray players etc) is a great idea.
  • Movies make great gifts. Buy one of his favorites on DVD or Blu-Ray! Also think about getting his favorites TV show on DVD or Blu-Ray.
  • If your dad is into video games then buy him one of the latest games on Wii, XBox 360 or PS3.
  • Gift cards and vouchers are simple gifts but people love them! Just think of what your dad is into (movies, shopping etc) and buy a gift card or voucher for that thing!
  • Buy a gift basket and load it with lots of treats your dad loves. Chocolates, coffee, tea, cookies and mugs can all be put in a gift basket. Even coupons or vouchers can be loaded in a gift basket.
  • Watches are great presents for dad’s.
  • Family portraits make fantastic gifts for dad (and mom too)!
  • If your dad is into reading why not buy him some of the latest books in his preferred genre!
  • Dad trying to get fit? Why not get him a gym membership or some great gym equipment.

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  1. i would make my dad a collage with pictures from his childhood and the family i would try to also put as much stuff as he likes in it!

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