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What Was The First James Bond Movie

James Bond 007 is a character created by writer Ian Fleming. 22 official James Bond films have been released so far, with Quantum of Solace the latest Bond movie released. But what was the first James Bond movie? This post will answer that question!

What Was The First James Bond Movie

The first James Bond movie ever made was Dr. No. It was released in 1962 and starred Sean Connery as James Bond. Ursula Andress played the first ‘Bond girl’. The movie cost only $1.1 million to make and made $59.6 million at the box office. The film is set in Jamaica where Bond is investigating the death of another British officer. This film was the first to feature the famous quote ‘Bond… James Bond’.

Dr. No was not the first adaption of a James Bond novel. Barry Nelson played James Bond in an episode of Climax! which adapted the novel ‘Casino Royale’. This television adaption is not considered part of the ‘official’ James Bond films.

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