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What Was the First Movie Ever Made

Today we have thousands of choices when it comes to movies. We can choose to watch a comedy, drama, thriller or even an animated movie. We also have the choice of watching at the cinema or a DVD, Blu-Ray or 3D version of the movie. Movies have been around for many years and people have always been fascinated by capturing moving objects on film. The first “movies” were a series of high-speed photographs that were projected. Movies as we know them today took a little longer to develop. So what was the first movie ever made? Read on to find out.

The First Ever Movie
As with most things, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly which movie was the first ever made. Defining “movie” as capturing the movement of someone or something in real time then the first ever movie was taken in 1878 by Eadweard Muybridge. The movie was titled “The Horse In Motion.” It was a series of high speed photographs taken using multiple cameras and was done to answer a highly debated scientific question – are all four hooves of a horse ever off the ground at the same time while the horse is galloping? Due to this question Muybridge started the idea of motion photography. From this people began to record various different events such as garden parties, people sneezing and other events. People were shown these “motion pictures” by traveling carts and at special community events. The movie industry flourished and an era of silent movies evolved with “The Great Train Robbery” being an instant hit. Movies continued to evolve to include sets, storylines and actors as movies came to resemble what we now know today.

See the first ever movie below:

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