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When Did Hurricane Sandy Hit

A hurricane is a severe tropical storm that can cause widespread damage. Due to the extraordinary amounts of rain and high winds, hurricanes can cause flooding, tidal surges and wind damage to any area it the path of the storm. Hurricane Sandy was the tenth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. At its strongest, it was classified as a category two storm and became the largest Atlantic hurricane (by area) on record, covering an estimated 1,100 miles (1,800 km). Hurricane Sandy intersected seven countries along its path and it is thought that at least 199 people lost their lives during the storm. Hurricane Sandy developed in the Caribbean Sea on October 20, 2012 as a tropical storm. It became a hurricane on October 24.

When did hurricane Sandy hit?

Once the tropical storm became a category one hurricane it was given the name Sandy. It made landfall on October 24, 2012 on the island of Jamaica near the capital city of Kingston. Hurricane Sandy was the first hurricane to hit Jamaica in 24 years. The winds caused widespread damage and loss of power to 70% of the population. This damage to Jamaica was estimated to be worth $55.23 million. One man also lost his life during the storm when a rock slide was triggered near his rural home.

After passing over the island of Jamaica, Hurricane Sandy strengthened into a category two system in the Caribbean Sea. On October 25, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit Cuba making landfall near Santiago de Cuba. When the Hurricane came ashore it brought with it 9 m (29 ft) waves and a storm surge of up to 2 m (6 ft). Cuba experienced extensive flooding and wind damage with 15,322 homes destroyed and 43,426 left without a roof. The damage to the country is estimated as high as $2 billion. Sadly Hurricane Sandy as took the lives of 11 people in this country.

The Bahamas
Once Hurricane Sandy passed over Cuba is lost some of its intensity dropping to a category 1 hurricane. Early on October 26, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the Bahamas. Winds gusted to top speeds of 102 km/h (63 mph). The Bahamas also experienced flooding and storm surges as well as widespread wind damage. The island of Bimini lost power and many homes were damaged. The estimated damage cost was approximately $300 million. Another two people lost their lives.

United States
Hurricane Sandy then became disorganized and lost some of its intensity. It combined with an oncoming trough that steered it to the northeast. The Hurricane maintained its category one status as it approached the coast of the United States. The Hurricane turned northwest and as it accelerated it lost some of its intensity. It made landfall on October 29, 2012, 5 miles southwest of Atlantic City and at this time it was no longer classified as a hurricane.

Due to its immense size ex tropical Hurricane Sandy or Superstorm Sandy, as it was dubbed by U.S media, affected 24 states of America. From Florida to Maine and west to Michigan and Wisconsin wind and heavy rain left damage and people without power. The most severe damage caused by the superstorm was in New Jersey and New York. The damage to the United States was widespread and over 100 people lost their lives. The flooding, extensive rain, snow and wind gusts destroyed thousands of homes and caused widespread electricity loss. The estimated cost of the damage was $50 billion. The Superstorm passed through the United States and entered Canada bringing strong winds, rain and snow. Two people died in the storm and many, many people were left without power.

Did you know?
Hurricane Sandy also affected other countries with its immense outer bands. Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Bermuda also suffered damage from the wind gusts and torrential rain. Much of the island of Haiti was underwater due to flooding and tidal surges. The death toll in Haiti stands at 54 people and over 200,000 thousand people have been left homeless. The damage to Haiti is estimated at $74 million. Two people lost their lives in the Dominican Republic when they were swept away by swollen rivers and 70% of the streets of Santo Domingo were flooded. Bermuda also experienced high winds and flooding rains.

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