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When Did the Korean War Start and End

The Korean War is an often forgotten war of the 20th century. With two world wars and the very controversial Vietnam War in the 20th century, many forget the Korean War. This article will answer the question when did the Korean War start and end, and look at four facts about the Korean War.

When did the Korean War Start and End
For many years, the Japanese had occupied Korea. At the end of the Second World War, Soviet and US forces entered Korea and fought the Japanese. Japanese forces surrendered on September 9, 1945. The soviets and the US decided that Korea should be split into two halves (North Korea and South Korea). The Koreans, however, wanted to unite into one country. North Korea decided force must be used to unite the two countries. Using Soviet weapons, North Korea surprised South Korea by striking before dawn on June the 25th, 1950. North Korea claimed this was a counter-attack. The war continued to escalate as the United States came to help South Korea which had a fairly small army. China then entered the war on October 25, 1950. After much fighting and trading of territories, there was a stalemate between 1951 and 1953. Eventually, a cease fire was issued on July 27, 1953. So now you know when the Korean War started and ended. Now let’s look at four interesting facts about the Korean War.

Four Korean War Facts
Fact 1: The number of casualties of the Korean War will never be fully known. Both the US and China have very varied estimates of the number of casualties of war. It is known, however, that millions of people, both military personnel and civilians, were tragically killed.

Fact 2: The economies of both North and South Korea took a major hit during and after the war. While North Korea recovered fairly quickly after the war, it slowed down rapidly and is almost nonexistent today. South Korea, on the other hand, took a long time to begin recovery but today is a booming economy.

Fact 3: A demilitarized zone, which is heavily guarded, separate North and South Korea today.

Fact 4: The Korean War was the first real confrontation of the Cold War. The Korean War set many of the standards for later conflicts in the Cold War.

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