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When did Wisconsin Become a State

Wisconsin is a state located in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions of the United States. It is located to the east of Minnesota, northeast of Iowa and southwest of Michigan. Lake Michigan is to the east of the state and Lake Superior is to the north. Since European discovery of the Americas the region has had a long history and has been claimed by a number of different countries. Let’s take a look at a brief history of the area and find out when it officially became a state.

A brief history of Wisconsin
The French were the first to enter the region now known as Wisconsin in the 17th century. It eventually became part of New France, but was taken over by the British during the French and Indian War. It was eventually formally acquired by the United States in the Treaty of Paris in 1783 after the American Revolutionary War. In 1787 Wisconsin was made part of the newly formed Northwest Territory. Later in 1800, as Ohio prepared to become a state, Wisconsin became a part of Indiana Territory. In 1809 it became part of the newly formed Illinois Territory and in 1818 was included in Michigan Territory. In 1836 Wisconsin Territory was formed. Initially, this also included the modern day states of Minnesota, Iowa and parts of North and South Dakota, but these regions were made part of Iowa Territory in 1838.

When did Wisconsin become a state?
In the 1840’s the population of the Wisconsin territory had reached 150,000, which was more than was require for a state. In 1846 they applied for statehood and began working on a constitution. The first constitution was rejected by the people, but the second constitution was approved in 1848. This led to Wisconsin officially becoming the 30th state of the United States on May 29, 1848.

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