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When do Apple Trees Blossom

Thinking of growing apples? Already have an apple tree planted and want to know when it will begin to blossom? This post will tell you just when apple trees blossom.

When do apple trees blossom?

Like most other trees, apple trees begin to bloom during the spring. The exact time when they bloom depends on the variety of apple tree that you have planted.

Early-blooming apple trees

Pristine, Gala and Red Delicious apples are the most common early-blooming trees. These will begin to bloom in early April.

Mid-blooming apple trees

Liberty, Braeburn and Fuji are the three most common types of mid-blooming trees. These start blooming in late April or early May.

Late-blooming apple trees

Rome and Enterprise are the two biggest late-blooming trees. These will begin to bloom in late May towards the end of Spring.

Why is this important?

Two different types of apple trees should be planted together to ensure you get cross-pollination and fruit. You must pick two that bloom at the same time so that this cross-pollination occurs.

Did you know…

  • Apple trees grown in every state, even though the weather is very different across the USA?
  • Michigan has the apple blossom as the state flower?
  • The DNA of a golden delicious apple has more genes (57,000) than human DNA (30,000)?
  • Eating apples decreases the risk of getting prostate cancer?

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