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When do Babies First Stand Up

The development of a baby during their first year is remarkable. When they are first born they don’t have control over their body and by the end of the first year they are usually crawling or even walking! One of the biggest milestones that usually occurs in the first year is standing up. This usually occurs with the help of a parent at first, and then the child learns to pull themselves up into standing. From here they begin to cruise around the furniture, stand by themselves and eventually begin walking. Let’s find out when babies usually reach this stage of development.

When do babies stand up?
Firstly, it is important to remember that this developmental stage occurs at different times depending on the child. Babies begin to enjoy standing up, while holding onto an adults hands, and bouncing at about 5 months. Most babies can stand confidently, with support from an adult or solid object, at approximately 6-7 months of age. Many babies begin to attempt to pull themselves into a standing position between 7-8 months and they are usually successful between 8-10 months. It is at this time they begin to cruise around the furniture and other objects and you might even see them take a step or two between objects. They begin to have small periods (1-4 seconds) of being able to balance and stand on their own at approximately 9-11 months and begin to stand confidently around 11-13 months. It is during these final stages that you are most likely to witness your child’s first unassisted steps!

Did you know?
Some children are able to support their own weight as young as 2 months old! This was once discouraged because it was thought that it caused bow legs, but this is no longer thought to be the case.

As your baby learns to stand it is important that you try to teach them to bend their knees so they can sit back down without falling over or crying for help!

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