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When Do Babies Start Crawling

The healthy development of a baby is the primary concern of most parents and every new skill the child learns is celebrated. Most babies are not capable of any locomotion until they learn to roll over. From this point they may begin to develop many other skills that help them to move around a room such as stomach slithering (sometimes known as the army crawl or commando crawl) or shuffling on their bottom. Most often this is followed by crawling, although some children move directly to walking. Let’s take a look at the most common age for babies to learn this skill.

When do babies begin to crawl?
The general consensus is that the majority babies learn to crawl sometime between 6 and 10 months. However, statistics show that only 75% of babies can perform some kind of crawl or shuffle by 10 months and this moves up to 90% by the time they reach 11 months. Some babies pass over the crawling stage and move onto pulling themselves up, standing by themselves and walking.

Note: premature babies may take longer to reach these milestones

How can I encourage my baby to crawl?
Crawling is an important part of development because it allows the baby to learn many spatial concepts and the cross lateral movement helps strengthen the left and right side of the brain. To encourage crawling you should give your baby plenty of room to move and plenty of time to practice. Sometimes babies don’t learn to crawl if they are constantly carried around by their parents. Give your baby plenty of time on their tummy and use toys that roll or move to encourage your baby to move!

if you are worried about the development of your baby it is best to see a pediatrician to discuss your concerns.

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