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When do Puppies Stop Growing

A young dog is known as a puppy and they are usually born about 63 days after the mother becomes pregnant. During this early stage the puppies cannot open their eyes, but they are able to nurse immediately. Somewhere between 9 and 11 days they open their eyes and their ears become unblocked shortly after. They continue to nurse until about 1 month of age when they switch to solid food. However, there are many different breeds of dog and the puppies of each breed may have slight differences. During their time as a puppy they quickly develop and grow into a full sized dog. If you are wondering how long this takes, keep reading to find out.

When does a puppy stop growing?
There is no set rule to determine when a puppy will stop growing, and it depends entirely on the breed. However, most puppies reach their adult weight at an average of 18 months. The general rule is that the larger the breed of dog the longer they will keep growing. Most of the very small breeds only grow for about a year and the very largest of breeds may keep growing until they are two and a half years old. A puppy should be fed a food that meets their specific nutritional needs during their first year as this is when the most important development takes place. Most puppies can be moved onto regular dog food at about a year of age.

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