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When do Roosters Start to Crow

Roosters are the male members of the chicken species. The word rooster was comes from the United States, but it is now used in many countries instead of the traditional term cockerel. Roosters breed with more than one hen and guard the area where the hens nest. He will defend this area and attack any other rooster that enters. During the day the rooster will sit on a high perch above the ground to keep watch. It is from this perch that roosters are most likely to crow, which is used to guard his territory, to react to a disturbance and/or sound, to warn of predators and to communicate with the hens. Most of us are taught that roosters crow at sunrise. Read on to find out when roosters begin to crow and what time of the day they are likely to crow.

When do roosters begin to crow?
Roosters usually begin to practice their crow between 5-8 weeks old, although there is no absolute rule. Most roosters have begun crowing by 5 months, but some don’t begin until they are 8 months old. Once a rooster learns to crow it is very rare that they stop. However, not all roosters crow at the same rate. Some virtually crow constantly while others will crow only a few times a day. This behavior depends on the personality and/or breed of the rooster.

What time do roosters usually crow?
The old tale about roosters crowing at first light is not accurate. It is thought that this fable came about because humans enter a lighter sleep cycle during this time and are more likely to be awoken by the rooster crowing. It is common for a rooster to begin crowing at 1:00-4:00 am, well before the sun rises. In fact, it is perfectly normal for a rooster to crow at any time of the day or night.

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