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When Does The Second Trimester Start and End

The second trimester is an exciting time during pregnancy. There is a good chance that any morning sickness will have subsided and you will have plenty of energy. During this time you should also feel the baby move for the first time and towards the end of the trimester other people may be able to feel it too! Another major milestone that is reached during this stage of pregnancy is that the fetus reaches viability (ability to survive outside the womb). If you are wondering when this trimester starts, and when it ends, keep reading to find out.

When does the second trimester start?
Although there is some debate about the official start date, most experts agree that the second trimester begins on the first day of the 13th week of pregnancy.

Moving into the third trimester
The second trimester finishes at the end of the 28th week of pregnancy. It is at this time that the third, and last, trimester begins and your body starts to prepare for the birth of your new baby!

Fetal development during the second trimester
A number of important developments occur during this time. Some of the highlights include; the baby’s sex becomes clear, the bones of the skeleton develop, the fetus learns to suck and swallow, the fetus is able to hear, hair begins to grow and the fetus may respond to your voice.

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