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When Was Ice Cream Invented

Ice cream is a very popular frozen dessert enjoyed by millions of people worldwide every single day! While usually made from dairy products, ice cream is now commonly made from soy milk or rice milk for people with allergies. But when was ice cream invented? This post will answer that question and then tell you a few interesting facts about ice cream.

When Was Ice Cream Invented?

Around 400BC, the Persians invented ‘fruit ice’- syrups cooled with snow. Many other cultures invented things very similar to ice cream but the first true ice cream recipe was printed in 1718 AD. The recipe was published in the book ‘Mrs Mary Eales’s Receipts’. Therefore, we can say that ice cream was probably invented around 1718 AD or a few years before.

Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

  • Per person, Australia and New Zealand are some of the leading consumers of ice cream in the world.
  • Ice cream cones grew in popularity in the early 19th century (1800′s).
  • Liquid nitrogen is now used to rapidly freeze ice cream!
  • By weight, water makes up over half of ice cream. It mainly comes from the milk.
  • ‘Philadelphia style’ ice cream is made with just cream, sugar and a flavoring (usually fruit).

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