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When Was Pizza Invented

Pizza is a popular dish all over the world! But when was pizza invented? This post will answer that question and then look at a few interesting facts about pizza!

When Was Pizza Invented?

Dishes similar to today’s pizzas have been eaten throughout history. For example, the Ancient Greeks covered bread with oils, herbs and cheese. However, the modern pizza was first invented in 1889. Sometime during the late 18th century (1700’s), the Italians added tomatoes to Neapolitan pie. Once cheese was added in 1889 the dish was very similar to pizzas that are made today!

Summary: While dishes similar to pizza have been eaten throughout the history of man, the modern pizza was invented in 1889 when cheese was added to the Neapolitan pie.

Interesting Facts About Pizza

  • Spicy chicken and sausage pizzas are popular in Pakistan.
  • Pizzas are quite unhealthy as they are high in salt, fat and calories. Nutritionists recommend eating pizza occasionally in a balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables.
  • A shop that sells pizzas may be called a pizzeria, a pizza parlor, a pizza place or a pizza shop.
  • Some restaurants in Australia sell pizzas with kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat as toppings.

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