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When Was the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was one of the main events which led to the American Revolutionary War. But when was the Boston Tea Party? This post will answer that question and tell you more about the protest!

When was the Boston Tea Party?

The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773. This is when a group of British colonists bordered three ships and destroyed the tea they carried by throwing it into the Boston Harbor. But why did they do this?

What led to the Protest?

In 1773, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act. This imposed a tax on tea in Britain and the colonies. However, the colonists believed they shouldn’t be forced to pay this tax. The main reason for this was that it violated their right only to be taxed by elected representatives. They used the popular slogan “no taxation without representation”. Protesters in three other colonies stopped the taxed tea from being unloaded. However, Boston’s Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused to allow the tea to be returned to Britain. The protesters decided to destroy the tea rather than accept the authority of the British Parliament to place a tax on the tea for the colonies. The British Parliament then closed Boston’s commerce until the British East India Company was repaid for the destroyed tea. This eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.

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