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When Was The Car Invented

Before the invention of the car people got around on horses, bicycles and by foot. These methods of transportation were in most cases adequate for short distances, but generally not very fast or sustainable. Even horses wear out eventually. A car is defined as a 4 wheeled vehicle that is propelled by an internal combustion engine. They are designed to seat one to 8 people and are typically constructed to transport people rather than cargo. Nowadays cars are evolving and many cars are powered by hybrid engines or electric engines. People are seeking ways to make cars more environmentally friendly whilst still maintaining the speed, reliability and comfort of standard combustion engine models.

When Was The First Automobile Invented?
The first engine powered creation that could be called a “car” was invented in 1725. It was a steam powered car design to carry French artillery at walking pace. It was a three wheeled vehicle and there is some controversy about whether this vehicle actually worked. In 1801 another steam powered road vehicle was developed and built, but it was unable to maintain enough steam pressure to keep it moving for long periods.

The first combustion engine was invented in 1807 by two French brothers who installed it on a boat. In the same year a Swiss inventor François Isaac de Rivaz developed his own internal combustion engine and used his design to develop the world’s first vehicle powered by it. In 1885, a German inventor by the name of Karl Benz (own company became Mercedes Benz) designed and built the first ever gasoline powered internal combustion automobile. It was the first automobile to be patented in 1879 and Karl Benz is widely recognized as the inventor of the automobile.

The first electric car was invented in 1881, by a French inventor named Gustave Trouvé. He demonstrated his three wheeled electric powered vehicle at the International Exposition of Electricity, Paris.

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