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When was the cell phone invented

Cell phones are very useful electronic devices that allow you to talk to or text message other people. Cell phones are fast becoming one of the most popular pieces of technology and nearly everyone ones a cell phone. I remember first getting a cell phone (of course, we call them mobile phones here in Australia) when I was 14. It was the size of a brick! Now, cell phones are very streamlined and made for a new generation of users. This post will answer the question when was the cell phone invented and also look at some facts about the cell phone.

When was the cell phone invented?

American Telephone and Telegraph thought about creating a wireless phone way back in 1915. However, they were afraid that this great technology would undermine its monopoly on wired services in the United States. It took 63 years for the first cell phone to be released to the public in Japan. It was invented by a man named Martin Cooper in 1973 while he was working for Motorola. So now you know when the cell phone was invented. Now let’s look at some interesting facts about the cell phone.

Facts about cell phones:

  • The first cell phone released by Motorola was the DynaTec phone. It cost a whopping $3,500 and did not sell particularly well to the general public (I wonder why!)
  • The Nokia Communication was the first mobile phone to enable wireless email and internet connection. It was released in 1996.
  • Ringtones were first sold in 1998.
  • Over half the world’s population is currently subscribed to a mobile phone service. Some suspect that this number is inflated as it takes old subscriptions that are no longer used into account.
  • Whether or not cell phones may really be a risk at gas stations (petrol stations) is unknown. Some tests (such as the MythBusters) determined that there is no risk but other studies disagree.

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  1. why did it take so long to make a simple machine for like thousands of years if ppl were so smart back in the day

  2. It couldn’t be invented without electricity and the discovery of many important metals which are essential parts of the electrical and other components. A cell phone is not a ‘simple machine’ at all.

  3. Martin likely invented cell phone in Schaumburg, Illinois since that is Motorola’s headquarters and major research facility at the time. New York’s call was to introduce it to the media

  4. Thx alot… helped me alot on my english oral…. I forgot about the oral and then started it at 6 in the morning and finished it in 15 minutes… lol Thx

  5. Melissa,

    The earliest studies I see claiming potential harmful effects are from the later 1990’s (around 1996).

  6. Just wanted to know when and how the cell phone was invented. You answered all my questions and thanks a lot for your information.

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